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Email: [email protected]

Returns Policy

We offer an unconditional seven day money back guarantee for all paying subscribers. If you are unhappy within your first seven days of subscribing to slides.ooo we will refund your subscription payment in full. If you cancel your subscription after the first seven days, no further payments will be due, and your existing access will continue until the end of the subscription period you have paid for.

Feedback and Complaints

Please send all feedback and complaints to [email protected]


All prices are in USD and include 15% tax (New Zealand Goods and Services Tax, GST).


You represent that you own or have right to use any content you load using Slides.ooo and absolve us of any liability related to such content. You retain all rights to content you own. If you choose to submit your content to us to be used in the form of Slides.ooo templates, then you freely give us non-exclusive, perpetual rights to provide access to such templates to anyone.

Privacy Policy

We collect your email address for the purpose of enabling subscription setup and authentication of your Google Account.

When you subscribe to slides.ooo using PayPal, your purchase details are kept by PayPal and only you.

If you choose to store content in our graph database, this will be associated with your email address for identity purposes.

We store your email address for as long as you choose to store content with us. You may delete your content and end your subscription at any time.

We may use your email address to send you a welcome message and Slidess.ooo specific information.

We do not share your email address or content with any third party without your permission. You may share your own content with others using Google Slides native sharing functionality.

Your email address is managed by you using Google Account.

You may contact us regarding privacy by sending an email to [email protected]