Frequently Asked Questions


Is Slides.ooo Free?

Yes! To encourage collaboration and innovation, I have made the Slides.ooo Google Slides Add-on availble for you to use. If you are able to buy me a coffee or make a regular donation, that would really help me support my family and continue to make Slides.ooo even better for everyone. In Aotearoa, NZ, we call that koha.

Is it safe to allow this Add-on the permissions it asks for?

Yes. During install, Slides.ooo will ask for your permission to manage folders and files created using this Add-on. These permissions have been reviewed by the Google Security team as part of the Marketplace Add-ons publication process.

The Slides.ooo Add-on is packed with many features. This is why it asks for so many permissions. It only uses these permissions to do what you choose to do using Slides.ooo, such as creating and editing your presentations and custom templates.

Some people still choose to set up a separate Google Account for use with Add-ons. This may also be an option you wish to consider, or need to due to IT administrator restrictions. 

What is the fastest way to start using Slides.ooo?

I recommend that you download a copy of the QuickStart Google Slides presentation here.

Is there a video tutorial for Slides.ooo?
Yes, please view the Beginner Guide video here.
Who created Slides.ooo?

Slides.ooo has been created by Martyn Bowis who is a strategy and innovation consultant in Aotearoa, New Zealand. This is the tool that I wanted to unlock creativity and collaboration within cross-functional teams.

Why Slides.ooo?

This is the tool that I wanted as a consultant to unlock collaboration and creativity within teams that span whole businesses and ecosystems. For this to be possible, I believe the tool needs to be free, accessible and easy-to-use for any person, whatever their role.

From customers through suppliers, partners, employees and executives, the familiarity of slide presentations makes Slides.ooo a common tool that everyone can use to create better futures faster together.

I also work with a number of nonprofit organisations, such as Technovation Girls and so made this tool free to encourage innovation by everyone. You may be interested to read more in my article: Innovation as Usual (IAU). How to test ideas in minutes with minimal skill and engage everyone in design daily.

Support Slides.ooo

If you’ve found Slides.ooo helpful or useful then please consider throwing a coffee my way to help support my work 😊.